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Welcome supporting cast members! Here’s the service storylines we offer with their pricing…  

A) Non-Lethal Wildlife Eviction and Exclusion

B) Old Fashioned Rat and Mouse Trapping and Exclusion

C) Passing The Wilderness Test: Preventative Homefront Exclusion

D) The Killer Bedbug Hunt and Total Eradication 

E) The Home Infesting Bug Hunts

F) Episodic Storysold Services

SEASON 01 - "The Quest for The End begins."

2019 – 2022

Season One is the part where we prove to our customers that infestations, like stories, have beginnings, middles, and ends… 

SEASON 02 - "Written or Unwritten, All Our Services Are Stories."

2022 – 2023

Season Two is the part where we learn that staying personal, local, and quality driven is harder than following The Same Old Story

SEASON 03 - "What now?"

2023 – 2024

Season Three is the part where we wonder what happens next? Should we clean the van?

STORYSOLD: CITY on sale now!

$65 bucks gets you a handcrafted, fully illustrated reading adventure to our future city where products become props, services become actions, and our stories become the only “gold” worth saving in banks.  Brought to you by STORYSOLD: Publications!