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THE CAST: The Pest Predator and the villainous infestation known as The Bedbugs of Slumberland

THE BLURB: We developed the service storyline for The Killer Bedbug Hunt from our many years in The Industry working for four very different companies, each with their own approach. The Killer Bedbug Hunt was developed primarily from what The Industry calls the “no prep model,” which takes the stance that bedbugs are best hunted when our customer’s home environment is left as is, without all the unnecessary and counterproductive prep work required by many generic pest control companies…

In that spirit, we do all the prep work for you! The only thing you can do (that’s super helpful) before we arrive is: A) don’t use any pesticides. Most of the products you can buy online or in stores are repellants. They’re not lying. They kill bedbugs, but they also push them around and make Predator’s job harder; b) do you best to stay calm, and patient, and make as few changes to your regular home routines as possible. We know how hard this is! but it helps Predator reach The End faster.


Here’s The Action you can expect when you buy The Killer Bedbug Hunt >>


THE INITIAL HUNT: After a meet and greet, Predator will turn its hat backwards (yes Predator’s pronoun is: it), put its headlamp on, grab its handheld flashlight, and then begin the process of searching every sleeping and resting area in your home. As it moves through your home Predator will bag any household items like clothing or bedding it feels needs to be washed and dried. Predator will also move your bed and furniture in place for the next scene. Depending on the level of activity it discovers, Predator may use duct tape and steam to kill as many bedbugs as it can during the service. Feel free to hang out and talk with us throughout the inspection and steam killing scenes! Once it kills as many bloodsuckers as it can, Predator will ask you to leave your home for the next 2.5 hours. Then it will put on its respirator and apply a non-repellant residual pesticide and or fossil based dust in active areas. We take the use of pesticides very seriously. If you’re worried about our use of them, feel free to ask Predator as many questions as you like. We can also give you a walk through, showing you exactly where we will apply pesticides before you leave. If you’d rather not use any pesticides, Predator has performed a number of successful Pesticide-free Killer Bedbug Hunts and Eliminations. Doing so will likely increase the number of hunts needed to reach total elimination, but it’s not impossible. Totally doable. 

Predator is very good at what it does. Usually our bedbug destroying teammate can eliminate the majority of the bedbug population in the initial hunt. The hard part of eliminating a bedbug infestation is: Predator has to kill every last one of the bloodsuckers in your home (at least all the females) and their super power is hiding in the cracks and crevices of your beds, sofas, and waiting patently while they wait for their next blood meal, transforming to the next stage of their life cycle (the geeks call them instars).    


COSTS FOR THE INITIAL HUNT: $225 for one bedroom; $250 for two bedrooms; $285 for three bedrooms; $425 for four bedrooms; $485 for five bedrooms; $525 for six to eight bedrooms.


FOLLOW UP HUNTSThe follow up hunts follow the same service storyline as the initial. The difference is, we shouldn’t have to spend as much time killing the many bedbugs. Follow up hunts are mostly about inspection, hunting the “bandits in the forest” and the “hangers-ons” who only emerge when they feel safe. To that end, we typically space our follow ups 2 weeks apart. Sometimes as long as a month. The bedbugs of Slumberland only need to feed every five to ten days!


COSTS FOR THE FOLLOW UP HUNTS: $125 for one bedroom; $165 for two bedrooms; $185 for three bedrooms; $225 for four bedrooms; $265 for five bedrooms; $325 for six to eight bedrooms.


THE TOTAL ELIMINATION SERVICE (aka THE END): Predator knows it’s reached The End when we find no new signs of bedbugs after performing a follow up hunt. Typically a light to average infestation takes a total of 3 hunts (including the initial) to reach Total Elimination. Heavy infestation typically take 4-5. To reward your patience with our process, if we follow this service storyline and reach The End we will issue you a 120 day guarantee. Meaning, if you send us a photo of a live bedbug (or pluck one up with some duct tape and bag it for us to inspect) then we will do whatever is needed to reach The End for free.

The most expensive bedbug service you can buy is the one that either doesn’t have a plan for total elimination or fails to reach total elimination (due to lack of experience or the use of an infective outdated service model), because bedbugs don’t go away unless you kill every last one of them. That’s why Predator enjoys hunting them. They’re 100% guilt free kills.

The Pest Predator is more than a cartoon character supporting our Storysold brand. It is a live action character. When you watch our human host Jake unsling their flashlight like Han Solo and crouch down to get a better look at The Action beneath our feet, then you’ve met The Pest Predator. Here’s a few photos from it’s perspective…

Heavy bedbug infestations are ones that spread into walls>

Predator kills as many bedbugs as it can during the service. Steam and duct tape are both great ways to kill bedbugs during the hunt, especially in heavier infestations  >

Bedbugs aren’t invisible! You can even see their eggs!


Nymphs look like spider mites, adults are the size of apple seeds, males have shield shipped butts, females have oval shaped butts, and eggs are white and oval shaped.

We do all the prep work for you! All we ask is that you: a) don’t use pesticides (no matter what The Internet says); b) wash and dry the items we bag for you on high heat for a full cycle; c) do you best not to change any of your sleeping or resting habits, and laugh at all our human’s bad jokes (just kidding).


We hunt everywhere! All it takes is for one impregnated female to survive to begin The Infestation again!



Predator doesn’t rely on pesticides to do the hunting for us like most companies, because we believe the cure shouldn’t be more harmful than the infestation. Dose is the difference between medicine and poison.


See you at The End!