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Most pest control services aren’t storiesThe Industry sells scripted, generic treatment programs they perform the same way every time like the military. These One Act Wonders always sound good. Who wouldn’t want to buy an eco-guard/barrier/invisible magical shield made of “green pesticides” to protect your home? Trouble is, they send new techs out all time and That Guy can’t tell you much of anything about The Action of your infestation. Where are the rats, ants, roaches, and bedbugs nesting? Where the entry holes and weak areas in my Homefront? The Industry doesn’t need to know anything about your Homefront, because that’s not the service story they’re selling you. They’re selling you the part where they show up, spend ten minutes refilling the poison in the rodent stations (that the ants and slugs ate), then spend the rest of the service drenching your Homefront in “green pesticides.”  

STORYSOLD: Pest Control is about tracking The Action of the urban wilderness and producing service stories that hold the very personal lines we draw between wilderness and civilization we call our homes. 

That was the short answer…

If you really want to know what STORYSOLD is about, then ask Bookmaker Jake to make you a copy of STORYSOLD: CITY