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Anonymous in Gresham (10.22.2019) – “Your Not So Friendly Neighborhood Bald Faced Hornets”

by | Oct 22, 2019 | Season 1 | 0 comments

Produced on August 06, 2019 in Happy Valley, OR

by Anonymous

The nest in your tree was started by a single queen who overwintered with her workers, until mid-May when The Action began…

The nest takes shape, and soon the workers emerge in mid-July. Even though they’re helpful predators that feed on flies, catepillars, and spiders, the hornet (which is actually a species of yellow jacket wasp) are not good neighbors. They defend their queen and colony like a band of insane ninja warriors: stinging invaders repeatedly and launching their secret weapon…shooting venom in the eyes of any vertebrates who dare wander too close to their lair.

That’s where Jake from Storysold: Pest Control entered the scene. Using a ladder, a bucket, pruners, and his bee suit, Jake lopped the nest from the tree—and quickly contained it in the bucket.

“Now what?” Jake thought to himself. “What do you do with a bucket full of hundreds of bald faced hornets?”

He liked the idea of releasing them upon one of his unsuspecting enemies, but he didn’t have any that he knew of…so he tried something novel…

The still water created by Jake’s neighbor the beaver made for spiders everywhere. It may be a bad trade in The End, but he released the nest of hornets in the natural area that bordered his home. Spiders beware!

The little voice in Jake’s head said, “Don’t worry. You can outrun them.”

Not so. Those suckers are fast! And Jake cried, “Ah _____!” all the way home.

I’ve never known any operators who’ve tried this. Who knows how the relocated nest will take to their new spot? It’s an experiment for sure.


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